Interior Trend: Bathrooms – Pink

Never in my life would I have thought Id be writing about Pink bathrooms.

Now if you live in South Africa coloured bathrooms isn’t a surprise for any one, as we are use to the olive green, powder blue even odd peach tone with matching walls, tiles, basins and towels to match but usually we are getting rid of this bright and colourful design to something more muted and timeless.

I couldn’t resist to compile some of the latest trends in Pink bathrooms. You might think this designs are more suited for commercial spaces but we found people are taking these bold steps in their residential spaces.

Lets take the walk through and get inspired on how pink can be beautiful feature in a bathroom.


Our most common find is an array of pink tiles, from smaller designs to patterns. Used as shower tiles or feature walls behind the basin. There really isnt any rules. Pair your tiling with a brass tap or mixer for a play on metals.


The alternative is including a paint on your walls. This allows you to use a more plain tile like a white or grey and playing around with that soft pink on your walls and or ceiling.

And if Small pops of Pink is more your thing then using the pink grain on your granite or pink basins on top can bring your bathroom align wth this style.

a big favourite of ours is a wallpaper, and you cant go wrong complimenting your bathroom tile with a fun wallpaper.

Looking for someone professional to help you with your bathroom renovation or any other room, let us assist you.



I don’t own any of the images, they are examples from Pinterest

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