Interior Trend: Natural Nursery

One of my favourite trends at the moment has to be natural Nursery’s. This concept is perfect for gender neutral rooms or if you are going more with a bohemian style. There’s something calming about styling with woods, foliage, and warm hues. Here are a few ideas for a Natural Nursery.


I love the diverse options available for nursery walls. There are some really great ideas out there to make your space more personal, if you are renting and feel you want an inexpensive option, perhaps painting a feature wall a bold colour would be for you to repaint once you move. Alternative ideas are to make a wooden wall feature, using old planks to board up the wall or if you’re ready to get creative perhaps a herringbone design.

Murals have made a big comeback in the last year so opting for a large scale design in the room can make for a real show stopper and you don’t have to be limited to only one wall, having a large foliage design scale over a wall or two makes for a greater impact. Do have a look at your design and colours to make sure it doesn’t feel like you’re stuck in the rocky horror picture show.

Tribal tone wallpapers have been a favourite in the wall department and can be a more gentle design towards your nursery design. Go for a simple pattern.


Your light can really set the tone for the room, have a look at these designs. Rattan or any woven design can really play into the natural look, our favourite is the wooden ball chandelier.

Make sure your lighting is also practical and allows enough light to come through when night time comes.

Décor – Walls:

Playing with functional wall décor can add into your natural design, floating book shelf’s in a wooden tone, or framing your canvas images in a wooden frame can help bring the design together.


No room is complete without an organizational system. Opting for baskets to keep toys at bay and organised can make cleaning up fun and stylish.


Wooden furniture for a nursery can help set your design in place. Rather than relying on walls, décor, curtains etc to bring the room together. Do still use small pieces to match in with the cot or changing station.


Now if you are feeling this setting to dreary for yourself adding colour is not forbidden. The Natural colour tone goes well with an array of autumn colours or warmer tones, pairing these items in with toys, cushions, blankets or curtains can turn your colour pallet up.

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I don’t own any of the images, they are examples from Pinterest

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