Interior Trend: Natural Materials

Just when we thought it was over, we are about to throw away that old cane/bamboo set…Boom! It makes a comeback. Now I’m not saying let’s go raid grandmas house to retrieve that former glory, but we will look into this trend and see how you can incorporate Bamboo, Wicker, Cane and rattan style into your space. (if it allows)

Just like any trend or style it will have its due date, so my advice will be, don’t buy any expensive bamboo/rattan pieces because it’s trendy now.  For many homes this look might not suit with any of your existing pieces or style as it lends more to a bohemian/coastal vibe, then you can gladly skip ahead or perhaps if you are like me and you’re into dinner parties and setting tables then this is where you can let your creativity and this trend shine.

I couldn’t resist to collage some of my favorite BWCR pieces and I love how some are still staying in the mid modern design scope or lends itself to a more relaxed design style.

What’s prominent with the cane/bamboo trend is the colour options. We are moving away from grey. ( what do you mean? I just bought everything grey..I know.. ) If you are interested in creating this natural style most of the colour combinations are moving into naturals, beiges, black, ochre, mustard, rust and on occasion if you are skilled with colour combinations adding in a matching blue/green hues.

This Natural style also makes way for bringing in textures. You will find many pieces that brings in patterns with texture and detail, and the forerunner with this style was the Jute and sisal carpeting, which would be great pieces to bring into your existing interior and that will stay longer in style.  We also see walls that have been painted with a technique as to not sit with this flat surface but including a mottled paint effect which livens up the space.

Don’t think the baby industry has not caught up with this trend, we have seen multiple designs for cribs, basinets, lights and accessories made with rattan and bamboo finishes that suit all gender styles.

And for the rest of us that isn’t committing to this style but would like to bring in elements of the style into our spaces here are a few BWCR pieces that I hope gives you inspiration to play around with.

I just had to end off this post with some of my favourite black and natural combinations.

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