Interior Trend: Indoor Plants (real ones)

Interior Trend: Indoor Plants (real ones)

With everything becoming very ecofriendly, trends leaning towards a tropical and natural style, having plants in your home is a given, and don’t think the little cacti on your kitchen window is enough. Nope, bigger is better, this trend has been creeping in and I like it.

If you are like me and the only successful thing you have grown is an artificial plant then getting help from a professional landscapes/gardener would be best or asking the guy at the nursery. There is a whole variety of indoor plants that will thrive in your home and are easy to look after, find out the type, what amount of sunlight it needs and then consider your space. Plants are great décor pieces and helps clean and refreshes the air.

It’s important to incorporate the shape, size, style and colour of your pot planter, don’t just opt for the terracotta/black style bowl it comes in, there is even a vast variety of potting baskets on the market that are incredibly stylish and can help when you need to move the plants around.

For medium sized plants and with a bit of creativity one can play around with fabric baskets, one can go out and choose your fabric and style it and if you can’t choose, making a cluster can be a great feature and doubles as a great gift.

I am an absolute fan of the wire style pot planter, for a more industrial and even modern look. Playing around with heights and variety of planters can bring an interest to a dull corner. Pair that with a cement planter and your good to go.

If your space doesn’t allow for standing pots an alternative is to go for a hanging pot plants, it can double as décor and you are free to hang it on the wall or from the ceiling. With either a plain or angled planter you can’t go wrong, but try keep it simple, let the plant do the work. Colourful strings or leather straps are also great detail and will intrigue your guests. What’s great about hanging planters is you can either go out and buy something or get your hands creative and make something with a few things lying around.

When placing your new beautiful potted plant try not to squeeze it in a corner, plants like freedom to move. Don’t overdo it. We are going for simplicity not the amazon. One doesn’t have to stick to one plant throughout your home, keep your plants neatly trimmed, well-watered, clean and they will thrive beautifully.

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