Interior Trend: Tropical

We all yearn for the day we can retire on a beautiful Island, resting our days out on a hammock, shading underneath a palm tree, cocktail in hand with no worries…at least that’s my dream.

With this new décor trend, that look can now be possible in your own home.


There is a wide array of ways to bring in this tropical trend into your home and leaves are the beginning of this cool trend. The most popular in the leave category is the banana or palm leaf. For the bold, you can do a wallpaper opting for a feature wall behind your bed, lounge or going crazy with it in a guest bathroom. Choose a design you feel comfortable with. Depending on your chosen design you can add or tone down with solid colours. Grass cloth wallcovering has also been a popular idea and has been around for a while.


If you just threw away all the rattan/bamboo furniture your grandma gave you, time to bring them back. There are a whole lot of more modern trendy designs incorporating rattan furniture and a lot of manufacturers are designing pieces that are more stylish. Painting these pieces (or set) is also a can do. Keeping them in their natural look is great but if you are the DIY type you can make your piece pop with a fun bright colour. Use your rattan piece or set inside the bedroom, dining, occasional chair in the living room or even for a covered patio area.

The Peacock headboard is such a beautiful display piece best paired with a subtle wall to show off your unique piece. I love this headboard for the versatility and the variety of designs. It’s also a great for little girl’s room. If you prefer a softer touch for your head, crowning your bed with a tropical fabric upholstered headboard will be for you.


Choosing a fabric of your liking and playing with scatters, foot stools, wall prints is a great way to be subtle with this trend. With a variety of birds of paradise, pineapple, flamingo’s, palm leaves and bananas designs the decisions are endless. These accessories are great to move around and keep updating. Use a neutral pallet paired with a pattern if you are choosing accessories and going for a bold throw and a tropical colour of turquoise, orange or teal can bring your style together.

Metallic’s are still very relevant and are great to incorporate with your tropical tones. Bringing in Gold, brass and bronze will give your look a rich style.

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