Interior Trend: Think Pink

Blush pink, Rose Pink, Dirty Pink, Dusty Pink doesn’t matter what you call it this colour can be found in settings all around.

Don’t think that this new colour trend is only for girl’s room, we have seen this colour being used from bathrooms to commercial spaces, the most popular being the Gallery Room at Sketch, where all the seats and walls have been designed in the blush pink tone.

I personally have a love for this colour and the multi use of it.

For a large-scale impression try this colour on your walls, one can break up your walls for a feature wall or divide it up and play with division. What I always love is when a colour trend moves into wallpaper where you aren’t stuck with a solid colour but it gets broken up with a pattern.

The most used pieces concerning this trend has to be the wide variety of headboards. Upholstering it in velvets, vinyls or linen fabrics.

Add on a scatter or matching bed linen/throw and we have a win. My favourite has been a plain cushion in the pink and then adding on a pattern with the same or different colour in to break up your setting.

For the daring, doing your bathroom with this colour trend might just tickle you pink…(see what I did there) We aren’t apposed to these bathroom designs in the pink tone, If you do dare to do this, invite us over for bubbly afterwards to oogle and admire this bold choice.

I had to attach some of my favourite furniture pieces in these colours as I am a sucker for an occasional piece with a bold colour, don’t be afraid to pair this colour with a metallic as we aren’t seeing metallic’s leaving our system soon.

For such an unusual colour we love that it can be paired with other colours such as grey, black, navy, green, maroon. Let us know where you want to incorporate this colour in your space and we will gladly bring our swatches to find your shade of pink.




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