Interior Trend: Marble

Big trend that’s been slowly coming in has been the white Marble trend.


The marble stone has always been around but we have seen a lot more larger pattern marble and especially white being featured in variety of homes, there is no doubt this trend is as beautiful as it is striking. Our biggest feature of Marble is the Kitchen, striking Islands, basins and even splash-backs. When choosing a marble for your tops keep in mind your kitchens design, accompanying tiles and cupboard finish.


Marble in the bathroom has always felt like the type of design you would only find in the very rich homes of royalty or celebrities, but marble tiles can easily be found at your local tile shop. Best to look for a larger tile and a larger pattern which won’t make your bathroom of any size feel over whelmed. If you prefer a feature wall or going from wall to floors in this design you really can’t go wrong.

If white marble isn’t your style and you fear the clinical idea of it then there’s a variety of shades ranging from off whites, grey, browns to black to incorporate into your space.

If you like to change your space and don’t want to do anything that’s too permanent, rather try bringing the marble trend in your home with a wide variety of decor pieces. Easily matched with a diverse range of colours and brings a sleek style to finish off your Interior.

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