Interior Trend: Moody Blooms

Dark contrasts with floral blooms. This season calls for a darker change towards the known floral trend.

Florals has always been a big part of the Interior Industry, from old time English wallpapers to a fresh bunch on the dining table. The ambience of florals has always been welcomed and 2017 has been displaying a lot more florals and can easily be found in many shops, textiles and furniture. Many are still not comfortable with florals and might think of this as a throw back to your grandmas home when you were young.

I have seen florals going from bright watermarks to dark and moody. This trend can be mixed up with a few lighter colours and plain textures. Accent pieces are the best for this trend and can be used in variety of rooms.

The beauty of moody blooms in a mural, bedding or occasional chair makes for an unforgettable setting. This trend comes in big and bold prints and becomes a showpiece for any room

If you are more of an enigmatic personality then dark Blooms paired with rich tones of black, blue, red and green will be your pallet. This bold trend is not for the faint hearted.

Don’t miss out on using this trend with an ever so popular metallic colours. These Blooms pairs well with Golds, Bronze, Copper and the very trendy Rose Gold.

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