Interior Trend: Velvet

You probably know this fabric from your grandmothers old deep buttoned headboard or private lounge “bal en klou” set and would always be in some shade of a pink. Im talking about the good old velvet. Loved by the older generation hated by everyone else.

Velvets have sneeked into the Interior scene and can now be seen on most if not everything. This fabric can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the style of the velvet and can match with a variety of styles from modern to classic to traditional.. This textile has been used for a variety of furniture pieces and make great features when styled in a bold colour.

Velvets speak for themselves and finish off a room with class. Mixing and matching is also a must as this plain basis makes way for many other fabrics to compliment it. Velvets can be found on large pieces like couches and curtains but can also be decorated with ottomans, scatters or throws. This textile has been used in many a commercial designs finishing off seating for cafes, bars, retail shops.

Have a scroll in the wide range of colour options and styles for inspiration.

All images was found in pinterest for inspiration purpose and aren’t my own.

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